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Since I’ve Been Gone: The Offbeat Empire Reception

Ok, so it’s been wayyyy to long since I’ve blogged. I know I’m sorry. But life happens fast and I’ve been way to busy lately to spend time on the internets. But I miss it! So one of my new year’s resolutions is to blog more. So here we go.

Seattle. Geek Girl Con. Offbeat Empire Reception Party. I know this happened 1000 years ago by now. But it was to amazing to pass up. So let’s talk about this.

The Offbeat Empire gals

Geek girl con is an organization and convention celebrating the female geek. The Offbeat Empire gals were hosting a panel (and a party!!) so I tagged along with Megan.

The party was UH-MAZING! I mean there were appetizers, cupcakes, burlesque dancers, a photo-booth, Karaoke and the amazing Jonas Seaman documented the entire event. This dude is SUCH a good photographer he makes me want to throw in the towel and never take a photo again.

Photo by Jonas Seaman

Obviously the party was the most important part of our weekend. So Megan and I spent a lot of time planning our outfits. A few days before we left I found a white lace dress at Urban Outfitters that I loved. However, once we actually got to Seattle I felt like my outfit was super boring. So Megan suggested I try wearing her new corset over the dress. I tried it on and BOOM. It looked amazing. Megan, my least fashion-minded, forward OR concerned friend totally styled me.

My favorite part of the night was the karaoke. Karaoke has recently become one of my favorite past times. I LOVE it. If I could I would be on stage all night (which may or may not have actually happened on my birthday this year.) So Garrett and I sang “Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson.

But the absolute highlight of the night was when Megan belted out an awesome rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “F**k You.” Megan rocked it so HARD. The song was stuck in my head for the next two weeks. The offbeat empire gals and myself even got to be her back up dancers!

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How To Hike in High Heels

Recently Megan invited me on an Offbeat Frontier adventure. This “adventure” was to visit the LA Zoo ruins in Griffith Park. Although Griffith Park is known for it’s hiking, which means hills and dirt trails I assumed we would just be walking about the site, taking photos. Nothing serious. I mean aren’t don’t all zoos have paved walk-ways?

After consulting Megan we concurred that we could dress us since we will just be walking around concrete side walks. There might be a little dirt but definitely no hiking. Not to mention my fashionable friends who were visiting me for the weekend had just left that morning so I was feeling inspired! I wanted to look good: fashionable yet comfortable. So I put on my new Kill City pink shirt/dress, some black studded sandals, and a belt and thought I was prepared. Megan put on her chiffon printed drape skirt, a black tank, and these Derby Darling Booties (which have a 2.5 inch heel). That may not seem very high, but for someone who NEVER wears heels, that is high. Then throw in some loose dirt hills. I’m surprised we came out relatively unscathed.

Today I came across this article on “How to Walk in High Heels.” I thought that’s great advice but that doesn’t apply to all situations.

How to walk in high heels:
Take shorter steps (striding is for professionals), & walk in a heel-toe motion. Try to distribute most of the weight across the ball of your foot. Stand up straight — you will initially feel unbalanced, but you’re not. The heel will support you. Keep your legs together as you walk & try not to bend them more than you normally would.

After our experience this weekend I wanted to share what I learned from Megan’s experience in case you ever get caught in this situation.

Unlike this article, when hiking in heels, one should not put the focus on their weight on the ball of the foot as most heels do not have traction; One should NEVER attempt to stand straight up, unless you regularly practice yoga, have INCREDIBLE balance and ninja like reflexes; Do bend your legs more than normal to remain balanced.

Advice on how to hike in heels:
1. Take short calculated steps.
2. Use heel like cleat to dig into hills. (The smaller the heel the better, got stilettos? GO FOR IT!)
3. Grab onto whatever is nearest.
4. Be very cautious where you place your foot to avoid rolling your ankle (I hope you’re not wearing wedges)
5. Look fabulous.