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Trends I like: EXCESS-orizing

I was raised in a home where accessories were meant to be simple and understated. Wearing too much calls attention to yourself in a negative way.

However, I have always fallen victim to the trend of over-accessorizing. I remember one time in eighth grade I had three big rings on one hand and my dad said to me, “what are you, a pimp?” HA. I couldn’t tell you why but I just like a lot of bling. At one point in time I was all about double everything. I wore two necklaces: fuck with wings and the letter “C,” two watches (neither of them worked), and even two earrings in one hole!

In my opinion, the more the merrier.

P.S. Thanks Alika for being my hand model!

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Ring a Day Project

My friend sent me a link to this really cool “Ring a Day Project” on Design Milk. Colleen Baran is a minimalistic jewelry designer. She has decided to make a ring a day for the next year. She takes every day recycled materials and makes them into a ring. Some are really cool like this:

Well used recycled twist tie and ink. Twist tie from bulk food bin.

& this one:

Two finger ring- recycled silver and 6-7 elastic bands. Elastics from morning paper.

Others, not so much my cup of tea. I think hair is the most disgusting, repulsive thing in existence. But hey, it’s definitely different!

Human Hair.

Regardless, Overall I think this is a totally cool project. I love rings and I always want more. These are great ideas! To see more, like a fake eye-lash ring or lipstick ring head over to her flickr.