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Glow Up Already

In case I need to remind you, my nail polish addiction is out-of-control. My current obsession: Glow Up Already. You can wear it by itself (like I did in the picture) or use it as a top coat to add some bling to your color.

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OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

Although I am not really the biggest Shrek fan (except for Puss-In-Boots! How cute is he?), I am a huge fan of fun nail polish and this awesome Shrek Forever Nail Polish collection! I absolutely love having my nails painted, and I especially love experimenting with different colors. In high school I tried ALL KINDS of crazy colors, before reverting back to my signature red. Then for a year and half, while working at Club Monaco I had to wear nudes (which I don’t do) or black. So black it was. Now, I am free from job restrictions which means I can do whatever the fuck I want — it’s pretty liberating, as strange as that may seem.

I am really obsessed with this color collection by OPI. It is totally perfect for spring. Pastels, purples, greens, and blues oh my! What’s better is the fun names: Ogre the Top Blue, Fiercely Fiona, Rumples Wiggin, Who the Shrek Are You, Funky Donkey, and my personal fave, What’s with the Cattitude? Mmm what a deliciously milky sky blue! I WANT IT NOW.

You can order them online or buy them at your local Beauty Supply store. Do it.