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Trends I like: EXCESS-orizing

I was raised in a home where accessories were meant to be simple and understated. Wearing too much calls attention to yourself in a negative way.

However, I have always fallen victim to the trend of over-accessorizing. I remember one time in eighth grade I had three big rings on one hand and my dad said to me, “what are you, a pimp?” HA. I couldn’t tell you why but I just like a lot of bling. At one point in time I was all about double everything. I wore two necklaces: fuck with wings and the letter “C,” two watches (neither of them worked), and even two earrings in one hole!

In my opinion, the more the merrier.

P.S. Thanks Alika for being my hand model!

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The Way She Wore — 002

Remember when I mentioned my “fashionable friends” who were visiting me prior to my hiking in heels incident. Well Christina is one of them and this is what she wore.

A night out in LA: Christina Claire

xtina long

Necklace: Metropark
Jeffrey Campbell Wedge Bootie

Bracelet: Marc by Marc // Pyramid Ring: Metropark

Dress: WYL

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tax refund well spent

I splurged. For the first time in my life I splurged… on a bag nonetheless. I’ve never splurged on anything in my life. I’m not even kidding. I am the girl who bought all my prom dresses at vintage shops or Loehman’s. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought prior to this was a $250 pair of Kate Spade heels on my 17th birthday (which my sister pushed me into and the guilt haunted me for weeks after). In comparison to most people I know that is nothing. I mean I go to fashion school, I work in the fashion industry. $250 for shoes is hardly less than reasonable. I know people who spend $850 on Christian Louboutin shoes (regardless of the fact that they cannot afford them).

So I splurged on a bag… but it wasn’t just any bag. It was the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Petal to the Metal” messenger bag. I first encountered this incredible bag in November. I saw it while perusing the Bloomingdale’s website with my co-worker. I knew it had to be mine. But $495 for a bag was RIDICULOUS. I could never spend that much. So I resisted the temptation.
Then I went to New York for Fashion Week in February. While exploring the city with my friend Alex I stumbled upon the bag at Bergdorf Goodman. I contemplated buying it, but refused unless I had validation from my sister. While shopping around that day I ran into FIVE people who had the bag. Obviously, it was a sign. I NEEDED it. Alex and I then went to every major department store in the city looking for it, but they were sold out. By the time I got back to Berdorf’s it was gone! I was devastated. But oh well, $500 saved.

Then last week I escorted my best friend Megan to the eye doctor. After her appointment we decided to do a little shopping. We stopped by her favorite store on Melrose, Foley + Corinna. Then I suggested we stop by Marc by Marc Jacobs since it was practically on the way home. To my surprise they had the bag! Apparently it had been re-issued. So with a little encouragement from Megan I gave in. I bought the bag…

… and haven’t regretted it since.