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Church Boutique

I heard about this really amazing store called Church Boutique from a few different people before I finally got off my ass and checked it out. It’s literally within walking distance from my house, so I really had no excuse. So one sunny afternoon my friend Hannah and I ventured down Santa Monica Blvd to find the store. We approached an ivy covered building and thought, this can’t be it. But sure enough, in the corner of the non-functional door there was a teeny tiny sign that read church. Yet, that door was bolted shut. So how do we get in? We almost walked around the entire building before we finally found the door on the side. Phew. Turns out, it was totally worth all the confusion.

Honestly, this place could have been a museum or art gallery. All of the pieces were displayed like art. It was incredible. We walked in and immediately to our right was a display of the most incredible, funky, edgy shoes you could imagine: chunky heels, studs, boots! YES! Then as I look past the shoes the store opens into a huge barn like building. The high ceiling reveals sky lights and exposed wooden beams with old pipes, ropes, rusted chains and wood hanging from it. I half expected to find a dead cow to be hanging from these but instead found expensive dresses and luxurious pieces. Juxtaposed by antique furniture and display cases. It sounds bizarre but it totally worked.

They had some really dark and edgy clothing from local lines I had never heard of, like skin graft and case study. They even had a really neat hat collection by Process & Content. The best part was, the staff was INCREDIBLY friendly. Most boutiques around here are filled with snobby sales people. However, the staff here was friendly and engaging without being to annoying. My friend Hannah even thinks she found her future wedding dress! 😉 So check it out next time you find yourself in the area!

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my five staples

Five items I cannot live without:

1. Black Blazer: I actually have two black blazers, one from H&M and one from Club Monaco. The one from Club Monaco was probably the best investment I’ve ever made. I got it 70% off when they were closing their sunset store. I wear that thing ALL the damn time, over anything and everything.

2. Skinny Jeans: I discovered skinny jeans in 8th grade. A little bit before they became super trendy. At the time it was all about boot cut jeans, even flares. But I liked the way skinny jeans made my legs look. I have hips and long legs. Skinnies really lengthened them. It was funny because at the time everyone thought I was crazy for spending $100 on Lucky Jeans. Now most of my friends spend $100+ on jeans all the time. All of the jeans I own are skinny. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some say they are going out but I love them. Always have, always will.

3. Scarves: Scarves are like my security blanket. I feel 100% more dressed up the second I put a scarf on. Scarves actually became one of my staples in high school. I went to a private catholic high school and therefore I had to wear a uniform. The only way I could express my fashion sense was through accessories. So I wore A LOT of scarves.

4. Hats: My mom taught me the wonder of hats at a very young age. If you wear a hat, you don’t have to do your hair. BOOM! love them.

5. Converse: I love chuck taylors, high tops, low tops, yes please! I have a pair in red, purple, teal, black and more. I’ve gone through so many over the years.