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my five staples

Five items I cannot live without:

1. Black Blazer: I actually have two black blazers, one from H&M and one from Club Monaco. The one from Club Monaco was probably the best investment I’ve ever made. I got it 70% off when they were closing their sunset store. I wear that thing ALL the damn time, over anything and everything.

2. Skinny Jeans: I discovered skinny jeans in 8th grade. A little bit before they became super trendy. At the time it was all about boot cut jeans, even flares. But I liked the way skinny jeans made my legs look. I have hips and long legs. Skinnies really lengthened them. It was funny because at the time everyone thought I was crazy for spending $100 on Lucky Jeans. Now most of my friends spend $100+ on jeans all the time. All of the jeans I own are skinny. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some say they are going out but I love them. Always have, always will.

3. Scarves: Scarves are like my security blanket. I feel 100% more dressed up the second I put a scarf on. Scarves actually became one of my staples in high school. I went to a private catholic high school and therefore I had to wear a uniform. The only way I could express my fashion sense was through accessories. So I wore A LOT of scarves.

4. Hats: My mom taught me the wonder of hats at a very young age. If you wear a hat, you don’t have to do your hair. BOOM! love them.

5. Converse: I love chuck taylors, high tops, low tops, yes please! I have a pair in red, purple, teal, black and more. I’ve gone through so many over the years.

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The September Issue

The September Issue is a documentary that follows Anna Wintour and the entire Vogue crew as they take on the task of producing their largest and most important issue of the year. This documentary demonstrates just how powerful and influential Anna Wintour is on the entire fashion industry. The camera crews follow her as she consults designers on their upcoming collections. As the CEO of Neiman Marcus pleads with her to try and speed up the production of designers collections and the time it takes their stores to receive their shipments. As her and Grace argue over which images to use for their editorial spreads. Yes, Rachel Zoe may influence what celebrities wear, but Anna Wintour influences the actual designs that they are wearing. Anna influences what is actually produced by the designers. Without her, the celebrities would have pieces to wear. To further illustrate just how powerful Anna is, R.J Cutler the director and producer of the documentary said:

“Well, you can make a film in Hollywood without Steven Spielberg’s blessing, and you can publish software in Silicon Valley without Bill Gates’ blessing, but it’s pretty clear to me that you can’t succeed in the fashion industry without Anna Wintour’s blessing.”

Fashion isn't about looking back. It's always about looking forward.
This was my second time seeing the film and I must admit I loved it even more the second time around. It was just as inspirational, motivational, and amazing as the first time I saw it. First of all, I fucking love Andre Leon Talley. He is hilarious and I really think he needs his own reality show. (I’ve even gotten my friend to fall in love with him through his guest appearances on America’s Next Top Model). Second of all, I think it’s apparent that I have a thing for cold heartless bitches, as I’ve previously mentioned how strongly I admire Kelly Cutrone. One of my favorite parts of the film is when Anna Wintour, without hesitation, tells the camera guy that his photo needs some re-touching in the belly area or he needs to start hitting the gym. Anna Wintour, like Kelly Cutrone is brutally honest. But that’s what I love about her. She is decisive, opinionated, and confident. Three qualities I am not. I guess what it comes down to is that I just love bitches. Because bitches get things done.


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How To Hike in High Heels

Recently Megan invited me on an Offbeat Frontier adventure. This “adventure” was to visit the LA Zoo ruins in Griffith Park. Although Griffith Park is known for it’s hiking, which means hills and dirt trails I assumed we would just be walking about the site, taking photos. Nothing serious. I mean aren’t don’t all zoos have paved walk-ways?

After consulting Megan we concurred that we could dress us since we will just be walking around concrete side walks. There might be a little dirt but definitely no hiking. Not to mention my fashionable friends who were visiting me for the weekend had just left that morning so I was feeling inspired! I wanted to look good: fashionable yet comfortable. So I put on my new Kill City pink shirt/dress, some black studded sandals, and a belt and thought I was prepared. Megan put on her chiffon printed drape skirt, a black tank, and these Derby Darling Booties (which have a 2.5 inch heel). That may not seem very high, but for someone who NEVER wears heels, that is high. Then throw in some loose dirt hills. I’m surprised we came out relatively unscathed.

Today I came across this article on “How to Walk in High Heels.” I thought that’s great advice but that doesn’t apply to all situations.

How to walk in high heels:
Take shorter steps (striding is for professionals), & walk in a heel-toe motion. Try to distribute most of the weight across the ball of your foot. Stand up straight — you will initially feel unbalanced, but you’re not. The heel will support you. Keep your legs together as you walk & try not to bend them more than you normally would.

After our experience this weekend I wanted to share what I learned from Megan’s experience in case you ever get caught in this situation.

Unlike this article, when hiking in heels, one should not put the focus on their weight on the ball of the foot as most heels do not have traction; One should NEVER attempt to stand straight up, unless you regularly practice yoga, have INCREDIBLE balance and ninja like reflexes; Do bend your legs more than normal to remain balanced.

Advice on how to hike in heels:
1. Take short calculated steps.
2. Use heel like cleat to dig into hills. (The smaller the heel the better, got stilettos? GO FOR IT!)
3. Grab onto whatever is nearest.
4. Be very cautious where you place your foot to avoid rolling your ankle (I hope you’re not wearing wedges)
5. Look fabulous.

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the bomb

Don’t ask me why but I’m kind of obsessed with the Christopher Kane explosion shirt.

Unfortunately its $395…
…and pretty much sold out at this point.

So unless I become a millionaire over night the closest thing I’ll get is this American Apparel sunset t-shirt.
Maybe I can turn this into a really cool DIY project or something.

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tax refund well spent

I splurged. For the first time in my life I splurged… on a bag nonetheless. I’ve never splurged on anything in my life. I’m not even kidding. I am the girl who bought all my prom dresses at vintage shops or Loehman’s. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought prior to this was a $250 pair of Kate Spade heels on my 17th birthday (which my sister pushed me into and the guilt haunted me for weeks after). In comparison to most people I know that is nothing. I mean I go to fashion school, I work in the fashion industry. $250 for shoes is hardly less than reasonable. I know people who spend $850 on Christian Louboutin shoes (regardless of the fact that they cannot afford them).

So I splurged on a bag… but it wasn’t just any bag. It was the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Petal to the Metal” messenger bag. I first encountered this incredible bag in November. I saw it while perusing the Bloomingdale’s website with my co-worker. I knew it had to be mine. But $495 for a bag was RIDICULOUS. I could never spend that much. So I resisted the temptation.
Then I went to New York for Fashion Week in February. While exploring the city with my friend Alex I stumbled upon the bag at Bergdorf Goodman. I contemplated buying it, but refused unless I had validation from my sister. While shopping around that day I ran into FIVE people who had the bag. Obviously, it was a sign. I NEEDED it. Alex and I then went to every major department store in the city looking for it, but they were sold out. By the time I got back to Berdorf’s it was gone! I was devastated. But oh well, $500 saved.

Then last week I escorted my best friend Megan to the eye doctor. After her appointment we decided to do a little shopping. We stopped by her favorite store on Melrose, Foley + Corinna. Then I suggested we stop by Marc by Marc Jacobs since it was practically on the way home. To my surprise they had the bag! Apparently it had been re-issued. So with a little encouragement from Megan I gave in. I bought the bag…

… and haven’t regretted it since.

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If You Have to Cry, Go Outside

We’re all hookers in one way or another

I just finished reading Kelly Cutrone’s book, If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You. It’s a pretty good book and definitely an easy read. To be honest, this is probably the first book I’ve actually finished reading (that wasn’t assigned reading) in about a year. If you want to know what life is like in the fashion industry it definitely paints a realistic picture. Although I’d have to say, her show Kell on Earth gives a better preview of the ruthless, fast-paced nature of the PR world.

Even if you’re not interested in fashion or PR. This book is very empowering and inspiring for women. It’s all about harnessing your inner power bitch to attain your dreams. I have interned for IMG Fashion over the past few years during fashion week which has allowed me the opportunity to see Kelly Cutrone in her element a.k.a. on the runways in LA and NY: doing run-throughs with the models, etc.

NY Fashion Week Feb 2009 - Interns

Many people are quick to say she is too bitchy or too ruthless; but I find a certain level of comfort in her blunt leadership style. Maybe it’s because her confidence and brutal honestly somewhat remind me of my mother (in a good way). Or maybe it’s due to all those years of playing sports that taught me to play better and work harder when someone was yelling at me or constantly critiquing my choices. But mostly I just like that Kelly cuts the bullshit. It’s people like her who inspire me, not just in terms of work but also in terms of life in general. Nothing is more refreshing than a person who accepts who they are and embraces it.

“We’re constantly getting these messages to mind our own business and look the other way if we want to be well liked, to not tell the truth or speak our mind or say anything too intense. Well, I’m telling you here that this approach not only makes you party to other people’s crimes against themselves but is a prescription for mediocrity and delusion.”

Although my mom vehemently disagrees one thing Kelly strongly recommends is following your dreams. Even if it means not knowing how you will pay next months rent. As I am still young and very naive I strongly believe (and hope) that if you do what you love, the money will come eventually. This story has affirmed that belief. It’s not necessarily going to be easy but you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue your dreams.