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The Way She Wore — 009

Just another day of work.

Dress: Reko from LF Store.
Shoes: Sam Edelman Studded Platforms — Even though these cost me practically my entire week’s paycheck, they were TOTALLY worth it!
Tights: Spanx
Headband: BP from Nordstrom
Bracelets: Randoms and my Club Monaco Bonnie

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some day my prince will come…

Even though I hate halloween I really do enjoy dressing up. So when my cousin Hannah asked me to dress up as Cinderella for her friend Sommer’s daughter Lana’s 4th birthday I quickly accepted. I mean I had nothing better to do that day so why not fulfill a little girl’s fantasy! As the day came closer I grew a bit more apprehensive. How does Cinderella speak? What does Cinderella say? What if the kids ask me a question and I can’t answer? How long do I actually have to stay in character? This is SCARIER than I thought!

So the day of the party arrived. I showed up around three and started to get ready with Hannah and Sommer. I must admit, getting ready for my “appearance” felt a lot like what I imagine getting ready for your wedding day would be like: a little champagne and lots of people helping you with EVERYTHING. It was so much FUN! I truly felt like a princess. A feeling I never thought I’d like.

First was hair and make up.

Since I had brown hair and Cinderella is a blond, Sommer let me use her blond wig. Once I put that bad boy on I REALLY felt like Cinderella. Then I put on the dress, choker, gloves, and the best part… the hoop skirt underneath! Now I was without a doubt Cinderella! At that point something inside me click and I transformed into Cinderella. I was no longer worried about what to say, or how to act because I was Cinderella!
Adjusting my hoop skirt.

Then came time to make my grand entrance. My backstory was that I was on my way to the “grand ball” but I wanted to stop by and give Lana a present! (How cute is that?)
Giving the birthday girl her present.

I finally made my grand entrance and I’m pretty sure all of the kids pooped their pants out of excitement! Most of them just stared because they were too nervous to even talk to me. It was freakin’ adorable. They were like OMG IT’S CINDERELLA!
The kids loved me!

Eventually the kids warmed up to me and suddenly all of them wanted to talk to me or play with me. Snow white even tried to set me up with her dad!
This boy had a crush on Cinderella.

This boy didn’t even try and hide his feelings. He tried to hold my hand a few times and then he asked me to stay for the pinata!
Some day my prince will come.

I ended up having so much fun! So if you need to hire a cinderella for your next party. CALL ME!

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All Hail, the AllSaints

Ahh, AllSaints. Ever since my fashionable friend Christina introduced me to AllSaints Spitalfields, I’ve been pretty enamored. AllSaints Spitalfields is a British company known for having intricate cuts, edgy styles, and mundane tones while remaining extremely sophisticated. Unfortunately, they only a few stores in the US. Fortunately for me, one of those locations is in LA. So I had the chance to visit one of the stores during my friends vacation. It’s such a neat store that I really wanted to share the experience!

First of all, the architecture alone is something to drool over. The store windows are lined from floor to ceiling with vintage sewing machines. SO FREAKING COOL! Second, the interior of the store is lined with exposed brick, wood beamed ceilings finishing with wood and steel floors. The store has a dark ominous feeling, like an over-cast day right before the rain starts. Which is totally British.

Parachute Long Dress

Obviously, the best part of this brand is the clothing. All Saints makes the most intricate, interesting and avant garde pieces. They use simple fabrics and textures but create pieces that wrap, drape, puff, tie, and more. Half of the challenge when examining pieces was figuring out how you’re supposed to even wear it!

As some of you may know, I also work for a blog called Offbeat Bride. Recently, I was working on a bride profile when I came across a Bride wearing a gorgeous, drapey, black, floor length dress. Come to find out, it was an AllSaints, Parachute Long Dress. I think I literally jumped out of my seat and cheered. I was THAT excited about it. Sure, to the ordinary eye this dress just looks like a jumble of fabric, but with the right shoes and hair it looks mind-blowing. More on that later (and hopefully pictures too).

Otherwise, check out some of the pieces I wish I could afford. I know some of these pieces aren’t the most flattering for every body, but they sure are fun! So just enjoy my wish list:

Idun Trench Dress
Mens Digger Bag
Laima Corset Dress
Alese Gilet
Lido Jacket

Suede Stud Military Cuff Boot

Kyle Cowl

Aditya Dress