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I am Stuck on (Cynthia Rowley) Band-Aids

When I was younger, I was OBSESSED with band-aids! I didn’t like to wear much, but apparently I LOVED putting band-aids all over myself, even when I didn’t need them. To be totally honest, I still love them and sometimes look for an excuse to wear them. I mean why wouldn’t you want to sport a hot pink Hello Kitty Band-Aid?

Naturally, I was uber excited to see these brilliant Cynthia Rowley Band-Aids. By now, I’m pretty sure you know how I feel about glitter/sequins!

So freaking awesome. I want. Plus, a dollar from the sale of each box goes to Design Ignites Change, which is an organization that partners with students in design and architecture projects, which address social issues in their local communities.

They are limited edition, MUST BUY NOW!

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Lines I Love: Wildfox

I love t-shirts and sweaters and anything that’s cozy and comfy! My new favorite line of comfies is Wildfox Couture. I know the tees are a little bit expensive, but how can you resist a cute rib cage sweater tee like this?

Vampire Love Baggy Beach Jumper
Or a cute vampire smile with blood dripping down his face?

I love Metal Oversized Sweatshirt
Who doesn’t love metal?

Light Feather Raglan Tee
I don’t know what this feather thing is, but it’s pretty cool!

Wild Animal V-Neck
I don’t know about you but I like any animal who knows the importance of protecting his eyes from UV rays! What a cute little fox with his sunnies on!?

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Alex and Chloe Wedding Rings

I discovered these Alex and Chloe inverted diamond wedding rings (thanks to Megan) about a week ago. I was so in love that I wrote a post for Offbeat Bride. The thing is, the rings are so incredible and badass that I don’t want to wait for marriage to get one! These inverted diamonds are so sleek, mondern, and unconventional. Not the mention the black diamonds rock! Plus they even have inverted diamond earrings to match!!!

Alex and Chloe actually has a lot of cool jewelry. Like the soda can tab, the clothespin, and way more.

UGH I want it, I need it, I MUST have it!

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Gotta have my TOMS

When I was in high school we used to go to Rite Aid and buy these super cheap canvas slip ons. They were awesome because they only cost $6! Also the canvas allows for customization, you can decorate them however you want. The only problem is they have crappy support. And for someone with high arches, like me, that can be a problem!

My TOMS shoe collection: Glitter Gold, Classic Red & Vote!

Well, about two years ago I discovered something similar only way better: TOMS! Only these are so much better for three reasons:
1. They are sooo comfy! They have great insoles which offer mega support.
2. They come in so many great colors and patterns like: classic red, gold glitter, purple and burgundy stripes, and whatever this color burst thing is! They also have vegan ones (if you’re a better vegan than I)!
3. When you buy a pair, they donate a pair to a child in need! It’s so cool! I know they are a little more expensive that $12, but super worth it!

Also, they just made these amazing wedges! Ahh I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair!

So what are you waiting for? Give while you get, and buy some TOMS now!

P.S. If they get to dirty or start to smell you can hand wash them with some laundry detergent and they are almost as good as new!