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RADVENT: December 7 — Playing

December 7

What were your favorite games as a child? What did you like to do with your classmates or the neighborhood kids? How did that affect the person you grew to become?

I’m pretty sure that my sister and I were the most active children ever. That’s probably why we were the only kids who actually napped during nap time (which seriously concerned our teachers). I just loved to play outside. Whether it was climbing trees, building forts, playing house or just running around pretending to be power rangers. I had a vivid imagination.

Hiking around Yosemite with the family

I don’t know what games we specifically played, but we loved going on adventures or pretending that our parents died in a plane crash and us kids had to survive in the wilderness. Of course this involved running around the hills/forests/parks/lakes that surrounded us.
Whitewater rafting -- We hit a huge rapid and fell out.

Our favorite place to play was the dirtiest, most disgusting, smelly swamp behind my friend Myeron’s house. We loved it because it was deep in a valley behind his house, and surrounded by a lush forest. Getting there was an adventure on its own. But because it was so secluded we could be as loud and ridiculous as we wanted. We dubbed this utopia “crap river.”

Even as an adult my appetite for adventure still rages on. I absolutely LOVE traveling, love being outdoors, experiencing new things, going new places and being generally silly. The only thing that’s really changed is the time I am able to do these things.

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RADVENT: December 6 — Adventuring

December 6

Abandon your to-do list and go somewhere else. Somewhere new. Somewhere you have wanted to explore. Bring a camera and take a picture to celebrate the moment when you abandoned anxiety and insecurity, embraced imagination and opportunity, and let life unfold.

I’m really not good at this. I lead a pretty busy life and don’t have a lot of free time. I always have a dozen things I need to do, at all times and never enough time to do it all. Sometimes, I feel like I can’t even keep up with my own life. But alas, I did it. For the sake of Radvent.

I forgot about my to-do list and all responsibilities (literally) and went to Malibu for Taco Tuesday with some co-workers. I won’t go into all the details, but I will say this. I had a BLAST, which required two days to recover so that I could catch myself back up. It was so fun and completely worth it.