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RADVENT: December Five — Rocking Out

December 5

Write down the soundtrack of your year so far. Play it for someone who loves you.

OHHH I’m so excited about this, because this has been QUITE the year for music. Living in LA means I spend a lot of time in the car commuting. The upside of this is that I get lots of time to listen to awesome ridiculous music.

First of all, this song makes the top of my list because as ridiculous as this sounds, it has the ability to make to cry almost ANYTIME I hear it. Chris Brown’s “Forever.” Two reasons it has such an effect. First, it came on the radio right when I was having one of those “holy shit this is what happiness feels like moments” as I drove to Venice with a few friends. Second, Jim & Pam wedding song.

Second, after I finished FIDM and began my internship for Offbeat Bride I started spending A LOT of time on the computer. Passion Pit became my first choice for background music.

Third, Megan and I embarked on our first year in the wedding photography business. We somehow booked a lot of weddings in the bay area. This meant lots of roadtrips! Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” became our pre-wedding anthem.

Fourth, Temper Trap’s “Sweet Disposition.” I just love it.

Fifth, America’s “A Horse with No Name.” Thank G for Shazaam. I discovered this little gem on the radio.

Sixth, in August I started a new job. In order to save $ on parking I began carpooling to work with two co-workers: Melissa and Silver. Well, one morning YG’s “Toot It And Boot It” came on and I couldn’t believe how ridiculously amazing it was. Naturally, I googled the lyrics and gave them an impromptu performance. It became a major joke between us.

Seventh, I hate musicals but I love Glee. This song is what got me. “Don’t Stop Believin’.”


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