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IKEA: Some assembly required

I was just a little bit excited!

I finally took my first trip to Ikea. It was ALL that I could have imagined and more. I know, it’s rather shocking that I’ve never been there but no one has even taken me and I’ve never really need to go, so I’ve never been.

But my neighbor Megan asked me if I wanted to go on friday morning and I jumped at the opportunity. I was so excited and nervous all at the same time!! I mean I’ve heard so much about this promised land of milk and honey, how could I not be nervous? Even though I wasn’t planning on buying anything I was still excited to explore the maze like store.

Well obviously I ended leaving $108 lighter. However I got to take a butt load of AWESOME things home with me! This is what I walked away with:
* Two White Storage Boxes
* One weird accessories hanger thingy
* New bed spread + shams

* One new Japanese style Lamp shade
* One bath mat
* Three new cupcake hand towels

* Two yellow pillows for my roommates futon
* One Cat starter kit

SUCCESS! Then on the way home Megan and I stopped by Unique Vintage so she could find a black dress to wear to our friend’s wedding.

Megan bought this hot little number

And I joked that I was going to wear this classy piece.

Then on the way home we stopped by Mortigan’s Nursery, which is unfortunately going out of business. Megan needed some soil for her succulents. Well I found this funky purplish plant and I bought it!

So I’d say my friday was an overall success!


I like pretty clothes and pictures.

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