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Trends I like: Heels with Socks

Stockholm Street Style

Gap Angora Socks from ASOS

My take. Irregular Choice Heels with white knee highs!

All I have to say about this is, YES please! Maybe it’s the catholic school girl in me, but I’ve always loved wearing ankle socks and knee socks, heck even thigh highs (on occasion). So I’m pretty sure this trend was made for me 🙂

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Lagerfeld Confidential

Well I guess it’s that time again. This time I watched Lagerfeld Confidential. After watching Coco Before Chanel I decided I wanted to learn more about Chanel. More specifically how the brand has evolved from what it was when Coco Chanel started it, to what is has become today. Not to mention Karl Lagerfeld is a creative genius and huge influence. So why not try and get inside his head a little?

Nobody learns anything from success. You only learn from your mistakes.

Let me just say, I LOVED it. Karl Lagerfeld is so fascinating! As we know, Karl Lagerfeld is the head designer and creative director of Chanel, thus making him one of the most influential fashion designers in the world. That’s not all he does! He also has his own line, Karl Lagerfeld and he designs for Fendi. No big deal or anything. He is also responsible for turning the company around. When he took on Chanel it was a dying brand. However, he skillfully turned that around.

Karl Lagerfeld is actually quite funny, which surprised me. I guess designers have a reputation for being assholes so I figured he wouldn’t be any different. Boy, was I wrong! “I hate hard workers. Things must appear to be casual.” WHAT?!?

Also, with all the responsibility and pressure he carries I figured he would constantly be consumed in thoughts of the future. Wrong. He very much lives in the present. He states that he does not go to bed thinking of fashion. It consumes his subconscious but he does not “obsess about dresses.”

Because I love change; I'm attatched to nothing.

What makes him so great, beside the fact that he’s insanely creative, is that he is incredibly decisive. In this business that is crucial. It’s always, “on to the next.” He has a vision. He creates these beautiful ideas and sketches, makes a collection, shows it, then moves on. He is very detached. He understands that fashion is ephemeral; it’s always changing.

The best reveal is that he wants to create an image that he is “ghost-like”, not real. He doesn’t even want to be “that present” in his closest friends and families’ lives. He says, “I don’t want to be a reality in people’s lives. I want to be like an apparition.” So he carefully conjures this image of himself that he puts on for the public: the uniform of black and white, the pony tail, the rings, the sunglasses, etc. He doesn’t even want to be filmed without his sunglasses on while he reads!

Overall, I highly recommend this film! The story line terribly strong but it’s gives perspective on the visionary that is Karl Lagerfeld. With that said, I guess it’s on to the next…

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All Hail, the AllSaints

Ahh, AllSaints. Ever since my fashionable friend Christina introduced me to AllSaints Spitalfields, I’ve been pretty enamored. AllSaints Spitalfields is a British company known for having intricate cuts, edgy styles, and mundane tones while remaining extremely sophisticated. Unfortunately, they only a few stores in the US. Fortunately for me, one of those locations is in LA. So I had the chance to visit one of the stores during my friends vacation. It’s such a neat store that I really wanted to share the experience!

First of all, the architecture alone is something to drool over. The store windows are lined from floor to ceiling with vintage sewing machines. SO FREAKING COOL! Second, the interior of the store is lined with exposed brick, wood beamed ceilings finishing with wood and steel floors. The store has a dark ominous feeling, like an over-cast day right before the rain starts. Which is totally British.

Parachute Long Dress

Obviously, the best part of this brand is the clothing. All Saints makes the most intricate, interesting and avant garde pieces. They use simple fabrics and textures but create pieces that wrap, drape, puff, tie, and more. Half of the challenge when examining pieces was figuring out how you’re supposed to even wear it!

As some of you may know, I also work for a blog called Offbeat Bride. Recently, I was working on a bride profile when I came across a Bride wearing a gorgeous, drapey, black, floor length dress. Come to find out, it was an AllSaints, Parachute Long Dress. I think I literally jumped out of my seat and cheered. I was THAT excited about it. Sure, to the ordinary eye this dress just looks like a jumble of fabric, but with the right shoes and hair it looks mind-blowing. More on that later (and hopefully pictures too).

Otherwise, check out some of the pieces I wish I could afford. I know some of these pieces aren’t the most flattering for every body, but they sure are fun! So just enjoy my wish list:

Idun Trench Dress
Mens Digger Bag
Laima Corset Dress
Alese Gilet
Lido Jacket

Suede Stud Military Cuff Boot

Kyle Cowl

Aditya Dress

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OPI Shrek Forever After Collection

Although I am not really the biggest Shrek fan (except for Puss-In-Boots! How cute is he?), I am a huge fan of fun nail polish and this awesome Shrek Forever Nail Polish collection! I absolutely love having my nails painted, and I especially love experimenting with different colors. In high school I tried ALL KINDS of crazy colors, before reverting back to my signature red. Then for a year and half, while working at Club Monaco I had to wear nudes (which I don’t do) or black. So black it was. Now, I am free from job restrictions which means I can do whatever the fuck I want — it’s pretty liberating, as strange as that may seem.

I am really obsessed with this color collection by OPI. It is totally perfect for spring. Pastels, purples, greens, and blues oh my! What’s better is the fun names: Ogre the Top Blue, Fiercely Fiona, Rumples Wiggin, Who the Shrek Are You, Funky Donkey, and my personal fave, What’s with the Cattitude? Mmm what a deliciously milky sky blue! I WANT IT NOW.

You can order them online or buy them at your local Beauty Supply store. Do it.

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If Shoes Could Kill

Oh how I love the Huffington Post for introducing me to this incredible website: If Shoes Could Kill. It was made by theCheezburger Network, the creators of Lol Cats: I Can Haz Cheezburger. I mean, I thought that I had seen some pretty outrageous shoes like Balenciaga’s Lego shoes or Chanel’s Gun Heels, but I stand corrected. Some are of the submission are awesome and I would actually wear them. Like these ones:

Cruising to Paris - Christian Louboutin

Or these:
High Top Converse or Sandals!

Others are RIDICULOUS!
Gotta catch 'em all - Pikashoe!

Some are just a little questionable! I mean really? Isn’t this some kind of animal torture?
STOP! Hamster Time

Everyone knows I love bananas (I eat one everyone day) but this is taking it a little far.
Banana Phone Shoes

I’m not even to embarrassed to admit that I just spent the last hour looking through this site. So if you have some time to kill and wanna see some weird animal claw shoes or bacon slip-ons, head here to check it out!

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Trends I (might) Like: Leatha!

Zara's paper bag waist leather shorts
Last week as I was flying to Mexico, my mom handed me The Wall Street Journal. I’m not gonna lie, I never read The Wall Street Journal; it just doesn’t piquĂ© my interest. However, this article Shorting Leather totally caught my eye. It’s all about the current influx of leather shorts. Apparently these puppies are a modern take on the Bavarian Lederhosen and they are ALL the rage. It seems like almost every big designer is providing their take on leather shorts.

According to the article, despite the fact that the leather shorts are rather pricey, (even Zara’s are $99) these shorts are still selling because, “consumers see them as an investment piece, like a leather jacket.” Consumers believe that leather shorts are something that they will be able to wear for many seasons to come. In theory leather shorts seem awesome. They look super bad-ass and edgy, yet refined. They way these shorts are styled makes them look amazing!

Chloe Fall 2009 Collection

But my problem is all I can imagine is sweat + leather = fabric death trap. Also, I already look edgy and hardcore without trying. When you put me in leather I just look like a punk. So, I am not so sure how I feel about leather shorts. I don’t know I have to agree with Valerie Steele, director of the Museum at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She doesn’t think that leather shorts will last long enough to become a classic. “It doesn’t seem to me, pardon the pun, to be a look that has legs.” I have to agree. They seem totally fun but I don’t think they are going to be around for very long.

The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

So what do you think?
Leather shorts: Enduring classic or temporary trend?

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Trends I like: Inner-wear as Outer-wear

I’ve been obsessed with sheer fabrics ever since I first noticed them on the runways. I especially love sheer, lingerie inspired clothing. I love the delicacy and femininity of it. Not to mention intimates can be so chic, easy to wear and so magnificently light weight! The dainty details instantly dress up any outfit. So I am really happy that wearing lingerie as outerwear is a new trend. Recently, I bought a “intimate” chiffon, robe style top with bell sleeves from Liberty of London for Target. To make it wearable during the way without looking trashy I wear it over a white tank-top. It’s so fun, and uber feminine. And let me tell you, I’ve been getting tons of compliments. (While I was in Georgia last week I even inspired a few other people to get the same top!) Little does everyone know it’s supposed to be a pajama top! (Shhh… It’ll be our little secret).

Yes, I cut my head off on purpose as I am wearing a ridiculously embarrassing hat.

I also really like more obvious lingerie but I’m not sure I have the confidence or the occasion to pull off these looks.