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interview with extra skinny

extra skinny

To me, inspiration is everything. My mom has always told me, pick someone you admire and let them help lead the way, pave your path to success. Throughout my life I have had many personal heros. I believe that one can find inspiration in everything. People who inspire me in particular are those that are ambitious, who chase their dreams without fear; those who utilize their talents; people who aren’t lazy. Because I am curious, like a cat, I like to learn as much as I can about people I admire. I wanted to share their stories in hopes that others can be just as inspired, intrigued, or discover someone new. So I conducted a series of interviews. The first one is with a fashion blogger known as, extra skinny.

Extra skinny made her blog after a nudge from boyfriend, Moustache Man. Inspired by a project she worked on in college, the site quickly gained popularity. It a time where over-accessorizing is everything, her unique and simplistic taste is stimulating. She is extremely innovative and unconventional. But most importantly, she knows how to use basics without losing her sense style. Her style is very minimal. (Even her blog posts are minimal). Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s boring. What makes her style so appealing is the way she mixes and matches pieces, unafraid of taking risks. It also doesn’t hurt that Moustache Man takes exquisite photos. If you need some style inspiration or just want to look at some really fucking cool photos I definitely recommend following extra skinny!

I don't like lazy fashion. Uggs. Glasses without lenses. Pajamas as pants. Get your act together.

1. Who do you look up to?
I most admire designers who have become successful without a traditional fashion background. They are passionate individuals and have the patience to teach themselves. P says they’re just drop-outs.

2. Do you have any favorite designers?
This is always changing. When I first started the blog, I was in love with Phillip Lim. Now, Aussie designers are catching my eye. They seem to understand the importance of catsuits. Rarrrrr. I’m going to be a sexy cat for halloween! No one’s ever thought of that.

3. What are five things you cannot live without?
I’ve been watching Survivor a lot lately, so I’ll try to make do with two things. I absolutely cannot live without delicious foods and moustache [my boyfriend].

4. Do you actually own all clothing you feature on your blog?
I only own some of the items featured. The rest I borrow from an aunt. She’s pretty generous about it. The only thing I can’t borrow is her wedding dress because she wears it all the time. “What have I done! What have I done!” she texted me the other day.

5. What websites/blogs do you read?
I’ve been exploring different blogs because I feel like I’m in a blog bubble. But my faves are brigadeiro, froufrouu and snow black. I tend to gravitate towards trashy celebrity personal style blogs.

6. What is your go-to outfit?
signal antennae, but at home I wear my house dress. I’ve known it longer than Moustache Man. He gets jealous of it sometimes.

7. What’s one fashion trend you would like to murder?
I don’t like lazy fashion. Uggs. Glasses without lenses.Pajamas as pants. Get your act together.

8. Do you ever get tired of fashion? Does it get cumbersome?
Definitely. It’s expensive and superficial. Sometimes, I just want to be a bag lady.


I like pretty clothes and pictures.

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