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Ring a Day Project

My friend sent me a link to this really cool “Ring a Day Project” on Design Milk. Colleen Baran is a minimalistic jewelry designer. She has decided to make a ring a day for the next year. She takes every day recycled materials and makes them into a ring. Some are really cool like this:

Well used recycled twist tie and ink. Twist tie from bulk food bin.

& this one:

Two finger ring- recycled silver and 6-7 elastic bands. Elastics from morning paper.

Others, not so much my cup of tea. I think hair is the most disgusting, repulsive thing in existence. But hey, it’s definitely different!

Human Hair.

Regardless, Overall I think this is a totally cool project. I love rings and I always want more. These are great ideas! To see more, like a fake eye-lash ring or lipstick ring head over to her flickr.


I like pretty clothes and pictures.

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