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Wreck This Journal

Ok, now I know this has nothing to do with fashion, but I just got this really cool journal. It’s called Wreck This Journal. I love it. I got it last week while I was visiting some family friends in Georgia. All three of us had so much fun working on it together. Each page of this journal forces you to do different things in order to ruin it. For me, this is a very hard thing to do. I don’t mind writing in my books but I don’t want to crack the binding, drag it through dirt, put sticky things in it, smear your dinner in it, etc. But you have to, that’s what the journal asks you to do! It’s really quite liberating.

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Valentino: The Last Emperor

I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.
The next destination on my fashion documentary journey was Valentino: The Last Emperor. The best description of this film was written by Stephen Holden. He said “watching the movie [Valentino: The Last Emperor] is a little like gorging on chocolate and Champagne until that queasy moment arrives when you realize you’ve consumed far too much.” Truer words have never been spoken. Valentino: The Last Emperor documents Garavani Valentino, the man behind Valentino (duh, right?). He knew he was destined to become a designer since he was a little boy. Valentino leads an incredibly self-indulgent and extraordinary lifestyle, so it’s no wonder that his designs reflect that. He creates these beautiful decadent dresses intended for the creme-de-la-creme of women and red-carpet events.

This movie gives a glimpse into the glamorous life of Valentino Garavani. Glamourous doesn’t even begin to describe just how exquisite the world he lives in is. The movie follows Valentino to a few of his luxurious palaces, his yacht and his private jet. It also documents his six scrawny little pugs. Additionally it features a few interactions between Valentino and his business partner/lover, Giancarlo Giammetti. Some of which are the highlights of this film.

Their best conversation was:

Valentino: How was I? Tell me the truth.
Giancarlo Giammetti: OK, I’ll tell you. You look a little bit too tan.
Valentino: Tan? No.
Giancarlo Giametti: A little less wouldn’t hurt.

To be honest I don’t have much to say about this documentary. I don’t feel particularly enlightened or inspired but it was certainly fun to watch. So if you wanna see someone living the high life whilst toting around six adorable pugs then this is definitely the documentary for you.

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Rachel Zoe – Bananas Amazing

It’s no secret that I love Rachel Zoe. Ever since I discovered she was the mastermind behind Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton, and Lindsay Lohan’s style, I became obsessed. I love her eclectic, boho chic style. Her style influence can be seen everywhere (for better or worse). She has become a major driving force behind many fashion trends today, as she personally decides what Hollywood’s style icons are wearing. She is bananas. I die.

In order to further my Rachel Zoe education I bought her book, Style A to Zoe: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour, the second it came out in 2008. I didn’t put it down until I finished reading it. I even brought it with me on my journey to Seattle for the Annual Glitter Sale. I was hoping to pick up some good tips on leading and dressing for a more glamorous lifestyle. She has some good recommendations on things like: How to have your own red carpet moments, developing your own glamourous style, EXCESS-orizing, packing and traveling like a jet-setter, and more. Some of which I still implement today.

Then she came out with a reality show in 2009. The Rachel Zoe Project is bananas amazing. It was incredible to get a glimpse into the chaos that is her life. Not to mention the show is hilarious. She can be extremely dramatic and eccentric which makes for hours of entertainment. She has these one line zingers that kill you, literally. It’s amazing how easily adaptable these can be to one’s life. I even got my neighbors into the show because she is that amusing!

While finishing up my last year at FIDM I was asked to create a movie about one of my personal heros. So naturally I chose Rachel Zoe. To complete my project I had my neighbors helped me make a short spoof on The Rachel Zoe Project. Megan played Rachel Zoe, Aaron was Brad, and I played Taylor. I am not gonna share the whole thing but here are some of my favorite clips of Megan performing some Rachel Zoe-isms. I have to admit, Megan shut it down.

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The Way She Wore — 003

Yesterday, my neighbor and I went on a mission to find the perfect 70’s outfits for a roller skating outing. We decided to hit up some thrift/vintage stores in Burbank. Unfortunately I had no luck with the 70’s out. However, I did end up finding some amazing Frye Boots on sale at It’s A Wrap, for a very reasonable price! I was a little hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure what I would wear them with. But I ended up going for it and I’m so happy that I did, because I think I’m in love.

On my way to Stir Crazy Coffee
Boots: Frye Lace-Up Boots
Dress: American Apparel Baby Rib Cross-back Summer Dress
Vest: LunaChix from Nordstrom
Jean Jacket: Rubbish (I’ve had it since 8th grade, ridiculous!)
Sunglasses: H&M

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interview with extra skinny

extra skinny

To me, inspiration is everything. My mom has always told me, pick someone you admire and let them help lead the way, pave your path to success. Throughout my life I have had many personal heros. I believe that one can find inspiration in everything. People who inspire me in particular are those that are ambitious, who chase their dreams without fear; those who utilize their talents; people who aren’t lazy. Because I am curious, like a cat, I like to learn as much as I can about people I admire. I wanted to share their stories in hopes that others can be just as inspired, intrigued, or discover someone new. So I conducted a series of interviews. The first one is with a fashion blogger known as, extra skinny.

Extra skinny made her blog after a nudge from boyfriend, Moustache Man. Inspired by a project she worked on in college, the site quickly gained popularity. It a time where over-accessorizing is everything, her unique and simplistic taste is stimulating. She is extremely innovative and unconventional. But most importantly, she knows how to use basics without losing her sense style. Her style is very minimal. (Even her blog posts are minimal). Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s boring. What makes her style so appealing is the way she mixes and matches pieces, unafraid of taking risks. It also doesn’t hurt that Moustache Man takes exquisite photos. If you need some style inspiration or just want to look at some really fucking cool photos I definitely recommend following extra skinny!

I don't like lazy fashion. Uggs. Glasses without lenses. Pajamas as pants. Get your act together.

1. Who do you look up to?
I most admire designers who have become successful without a traditional fashion background. They are passionate individuals and have the patience to teach themselves. P says they’re just drop-outs.

2. Do you have any favorite designers?
This is always changing. When I first started the blog, I was in love with Phillip Lim. Now, Aussie designers are catching my eye. They seem to understand the importance of catsuits. Rarrrrr. I’m going to be a sexy cat for halloween! No one’s ever thought of that.

3. What are five things you cannot live without?
I’ve been watching Survivor a lot lately, so I’ll try to make do with two things. I absolutely cannot live without delicious foods and moustache [my boyfriend].

4. Do you actually own all clothing you feature on your blog?
I only own some of the items featured. The rest I borrow from an aunt. She’s pretty generous about it. The only thing I can’t borrow is her wedding dress because she wears it all the time. “What have I done! What have I done!” she texted me the other day.

5. What websites/blogs do you read?
I’ve been exploring different blogs because I feel like I’m in a blog bubble. But my faves are brigadeiro, froufrouu and snow black. I tend to gravitate towards trashy celebrity personal style blogs.

6. What is your go-to outfit?
signal antennae, but at home I wear my house dress. I’ve known it longer than Moustache Man. He gets jealous of it sometimes.

7. What’s one fashion trend you would like to murder?
I don’t like lazy fashion. Uggs. Glasses without lenses.Pajamas as pants. Get your act together.

8. Do you ever get tired of fashion? Does it get cumbersome?
Definitely. It’s expensive and superficial. Sometimes, I just want to be a bag lady.

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Coco Before Chanel

In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
Watching The September Issue prompted me to start watching more fashion documentaries and films. In the last week I’ve watched The September Issue twice, Valentino: The Last Empire, and Coco Before Chanel. While I know that this movie was biopic and not a documentary it was certainly informative. The thing is, I’ve never been to interested in Coco Chanel or Chanel’s history. Don’t get me wrong, I love Chanel. Chanel’s pieces are incredible, immaculate, and they will always be in style. But everyone loves Coco Chanel. I have met so many Coco Chanel fans that it turned me off from delving deeper into her life. Which is quite tragic seeing as I went to Paris this summer and we went by Coco Chanel’s first apartment and her first store. Oh well, I’d rather learn about a more controversial (and less safe) designer like Vivienne Westwood. I know, Coco Chanel has changed fashion forever but I just wasn’t very interested. What can I say, I like to be different.
Maybe she's the reason I love stripes so much.
However, I am glad my neighbor talked me into seeing it. The movie follows Coco Chanel’s from her life as a cabaret singer, through her early years as a hat designer, to becoming a full blown fashion designer and having a runway show. Coco Chanel saw the world through different eyes. She was disgusted by how these upper class women let men dictate the way they should dress. She hated the way they dressed in these decadent, extravagant, constricting costumes. She thought things needed to be simpler. She raided the closet of the man she was living with and began to sew her own garments. She liberated herself from the restrictiveness of the women’s clothing at the time. She refused to wear a corset even though that meant “not having shape.” In essence she pioneered the idea of the “modern woman.”

The film doesn’t focus as much on the fashion design aspect of Chanel’s life as much as it focuses on her evolution as person that led her to become the powerful and influential fashion designer. It shows how certain events in her life led her to becoming such a powerful woman which ultimately made her a distinct and avant-garde designer. Coco was a very headstrong and stubborn woman. She was never going to let a man define her, and throughout her entire life, she never did.

All in all I feel like I really bonded with Coco Chanel over this two hour film. I really got to know her on a whole new level. Turns out we are more alike than I previously thought. Coco Chanel wasn’t afraid of being different and going against the norm. She believed in style and class, yet she didn’t believe in following trends blindly. She believed that style means dressing to suit your body and personality. It’s ok to be unique and be yourself.