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tax refund well spent

I splurged. For the first time in my life I splurged… on a bag nonetheless. I’ve never splurged on anything in my life. I’m not even kidding. I am the girl who bought all my prom dresses at vintage shops or Loehman’s. The most expensive thing I’ve ever bought prior to this was a $250 pair of Kate Spade heels on my 17th birthday (which my sister pushed me into and the guilt haunted me for weeks after). In comparison to most people I know that is nothing. I mean I go to fashion school, I work in the fashion industry. $250 for shoes is hardly less than reasonable. I know people who spend $850 on Christian Louboutin shoes (regardless of the fact that they cannot afford them).

So I splurged on a bag… but it wasn’t just any bag. It was the Marc by Marc Jacobs “Petal to the Metal” messenger bag. I first encountered this incredible bag in November. I saw it while perusing the Bloomingdale’s website with my co-worker. I knew it had to be mine. But $495 for a bag was RIDICULOUS. I could never spend that much. So I resisted the temptation.
Then I went to New York for Fashion Week in February. While exploring the city with my friend Alex I stumbled upon the bag at Bergdorf Goodman. I contemplated buying it, but refused unless I had validation from my sister. While shopping around that day I ran into FIVE people who had the bag. Obviously, it was a sign. I NEEDED it. Alex and I then went to every major department store in the city looking for it, but they were sold out. By the time I got back to Berdorf’s it was gone! I was devastated. But oh well, $500 saved.

Then last week I escorted my best friend Megan to the eye doctor. After her appointment we decided to do a little shopping. We stopped by her favorite store on Melrose, Foley + Corinna. Then I suggested we stop by Marc by Marc Jacobs since it was practically on the way home. To my surprise they had the bag! Apparently it had been re-issued. So with a little encouragement from Megan I gave in. I bought the bag…

… and haven’t regretted it since.


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